The application field of aluminum foam


General Industry


Sound absorption panel


This metallic sound absorption panel features 0.6~0.7 NRC level. Aluminum foam sound absorption panel is excellent at severe environment such as humid, wuthering and required fire protection due to made of metal material.

Impact absorption products

Aluminum foam impact absorption blocks are applicable to crush box, bumper, collision spot of road and bridge. The products absorb the impact when car crash and reduce damage.

High strength sandwich panel

The high strength sandwich panels are composited non-flammable and light weight structural material for various applications including car, train, vessels, skyscrapers, etc. These panels are mostly applied to wall, floor and partition panel, etc.


(natural marble with aluminum foam core composite panel)

The thickness of marble and aluminum foam care could be modified depending on the application.

Military Industry


Aluminum foam blast mitigation product

Aluminum foam blast mitigation products are able to reduce the impact, blast pressure when bomb explosion. These panels are easily installed and reassemble

Aluminum foam protection container

Aluminum foam protection container was developed for protecting human lives and major facilities from IED and suicide bomb attack of terrorist groups. This protection container met the major global standard