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Aluminum foam is a porous metal which is ultra-light metal material made by melted aluminum with added viscosity and foaming agents. The cutting-edge material has porous structure and performs excellent energy absorption feature and non-flammable. Due to this feature, aluminum foam is used for noise absorbing, impact mitigation, blast mitigation, etc.

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Main Features

Technical data of aluminum foam

Classification Unit Figures
Basic properties:
Material composition / alloy - Al. (97.5% >) / AA.1070
Structure* - Closed Cell
Physical properties:
Compressive strength [MPa] 1.0 ~ 1.8
Flexural strength (by 4-point bending) [MPa] 0.9~2.0
Tensile strength [MPa] 0.5~1.2
Shear strength [MPa] 0.7~1.5
Density [g/cm³] 0.15 ~ 0.3
Heat conductivity [W/m.K] Approx. 0.1
Energy absorption (50% deformation) [MJ/㎥] 0.61 (at density of 0.2 g/cm³)
Thickness min - max [mm] 9 ~ 100
Standard panel size [mm] 1,200 (L) X 600 (W)

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People & technology can change the world!


People & technology can change the world!

We, the whole members of Foamtech Global, believe in this vision and it has become our most valuable assets for making a new history of the aluminum foam material for a couple of decades.

Through continuous innovation, we has moved in many applications leveraging on advanced and patented technologies - building construction, automotive, shipbuilding, security & military, etc. and it has always encouraged us to develop and enlarge the sound global network for production and sales.

On the basis of experienced manpower, focusing on development of materials, and openness to the convergence, we are going to stepping to the higher level of Foam industry including new alloy foam, larger size foam, and shaped foam products.

Please keep watching our endless hard efforts as past and be the kind witness of Foamtech Global's great leaping in a new era.

Thank you.

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